Russia - Kizhi Pogost

Lately i got tons of Kizhi Cards - so i've decided to scan this one first, even it's a long way to "R" and Russia ;). Btw: This one is Post #100! One Week, hundert postings - i won't be able to do that much updates in the coming days, but i will try to keep it updated as i got the cards.

The pogost of Kizhi (i.e. the Kizhi enclosure) is located on one of the many islands in Lake Onega, in Karelia. Two 18th-century wooden churches, and an octagonal clock tower, also in wood and built in 1862, can be seen there. These unusual constructions, in which carpenters created a bold visionary architecture, perpetuate an ancient model of parish space and are in harmony with the surrounding landscape. 
Date of Inscription: 1990

Postcard 1: julyRR - 05 - mad_madchen


Kizhi Pogost Stamp issued in 2008

Postcard 2: BIG Unesco RR #6 - received from startinka 

Kizhi Post

Postcard 3: Unesco tag bantik 

Kizhi Pogost

Postcard 4: Unesco RR #37 from jenta

  Kizhi Pogost

Postcard 5: official Postcrossing Card RU-540341

  Kizhi Pogost

Postcard 6: official Postcrossing card RU-546055 

Kizhi Pogost

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